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Nintendo Switch Lite

Category : General Jul 31st, 2019

I’ll make it short, most of the times large companies know what they are doing, money is the motivator and innovation is a nice byproduct of their operations. Nintendo has been an innovating gaming company for a long time but sometimes their decisions make me shake my head in disapproval. Recently they announced the Switch Lite and its color scheme options. Me being a fan of their products couldn’t help but notice how insipid the new choices look.

Why Nintendo...why?

So I see this as a two stage sales technique, first sell the product to the public based on its reputation and functionality then sell it again at a later date with the aesthetics the public actually wants.

So I added the colors that are NOT available for sale because that would make too much sense.


Two Steves

Category : General May 6th, 2019

I was recently watching a documentary about Steve and his accomplishments. It is incredible what he was able to pull off with such limited resources back in the 70’s with the help of his good friend Steve.

I am amazed at how one Steve would not have been enough to start Apple, the company that keeps leading the market in electronic products.

I am talking obviously about Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, but let’s call them in this post, Idea Steve and Drive Steve.

Based on all the information available we know that Idea Steve was solely focused on creating electronic products as a hobby and he was the brains of the production, without Idea Steve there is no product and no innovation. Idea Steve was not interested in money or fame, he simply wanted to discover new things and thinker with existing technology so he could come up with his own inventions. His focus in technology was his passion. He was a curious fellow. Still is.

Drive Steve did not write code or make electronics but he was seeking purpose, something to focus all his energy on and he found it in Idea Steve’s inventions. Drive Steve understood from the beginning that he needed Idea Steve to push a product to the public that was viable for sale, he knew that in order to continue making new things they needed money and money comes from sales. Drive Steve was very assertive and determined while his friend Idea Steve was agreeable and dedicated.

Neither of them knew what their combined power was going to become. Idea + Drive = Success.

If these two Steves wouldn’t have met it is safe to say that Idea Steve would probably be a retired engineer or inventor living on a pension and Drive Steve would probably be working a corporate job in a nice corner office. But it was the combination of their strengths that led to success.

The more I think about it the more I realize that we all have ideas and drive but we must find that which motivates us, we are all different and we get up in the morning for entirely different reasons, whether it is out of habit or because we feel motivated to continue building our future.

The important thing to take from this is that no matter what we do, we must never allow our ideas to die with us simply because we don’t feel like pursuing them.  The world is full of Steves and you have to decide what kind of Steve you are.

Gameboy TETRIS truly has no equal

Category : Concepts May 12th, 2018

The Nintendo Gameboy TETRIS made by Bullet Proof Software in 1989 is simply the best.
One can only hope that classics such as this never die and make a comeback on the Switch.

It is not a matter of nostalgia, it is about gameplay, design and user experience.

There is a certain beauty in clean blocks falling in place while the Korobeiniki tune plays in the background without
useless characters, flashes, explosions. voices, etc. (I am looking at you Puyo Puyo Tetris *terrible*)

Gameboy Tetris truly has no equal.

Game design is hard

Category : General Jan 24th, 2018

Designing a game is way more difficult that I ever imagined, kudos to those companies who do well in this industry. I have been testing different technologies and languages and the more research and study time I commit to the project the more I realize it is a monumental task. Not impossible, just monumental.

I have completed a few tests with scrolling graphics, hit-boxes and touch controls and it feels great when the things just happen on the screen. I will continue this experiment as long as I can and hope at least I can produce something slightly amusing.

The original plans for the game will probably have to wait due to the simple fact I do not have the technical knowledge to make things happen. Some people have told me “sell your idea to SUPERCELL” but let’s be realistic here, ideas are worthless if they are not implemented.

Selling a prototype is a much solid prospect than offering a set of ideas and rules. Nobody ever got rich by having an idea and sitting on it. Ideas require action and action leads to results.

Free “Legend of Zelda” mobile wallpaper

Category : General Nov 13th, 2017

I made this mobile wallpaper a while ago, it works well with most iPhones. Feel free to share it, just link back to my site, thanks.

I am learning to code

Category : General Nov 6th, 2017

A couple of days ago I posted a twitter poll to get a sample of the type of phones people use. I have been wanting to write a useful app for years but always postponed it due to work and other calamities. Real life gets in the way sometimes.

To make apps for Android I need to learn Java and for iOS I need to learn Swift. For someone like me who hasn’t programmed anything in a long time it is going to be a long and difficult road. These languages are new to me and I am unfamiliar with the syntax.

The reason to write an app is simple, I have original ideas that I want to produce into usable apps and nobody is making them. So I am going to make them myself. I already started courses and so far so good but the more I get into it the harder it gets to retain all the concepts. Coding is hard and it requires many hours of tedious practice, but nonetheless I am having fun learning.

On April 2017, I posted a fake commercial for a game called Clash Racing and people to this day are still asking about the game. Just to clarify, Supercell had nothing to do with the commercial I made it as derivative fan art, however this idea has potential and plenty of people are excited about it, I already have sketches and game play mechanics, I know how to draw, design and conceptualize but I am missing the most important component, coding experience.

I am not saying I will make Clash Racing by myself, while not impossible it would take many years for one person to code a polished game like the one I have in mind but I have to start somewhere, I might give up, I might succeed but I am sure I want to try to make something. Inaction is the enemy.

So I am slowly climbing a mountain, I am learning to code.

Site Update and news

Category : Announcements, General Oct 25th, 2017

Sometimes less is more, the shiny over-complicated website I had is gone and I have opted for cleaning all of the junk code left behind by Fusion Builder (what a mess), now I am using this simple theme and I think it works just fine. I might even get the full theme version. This new layout is clean, simple and it is made for creative types like myself. It works, I like it and I hope I don’t break it.

I’ve been gone for a while and I know I just made a couple of posts since April, I really appreciate all the emails, messages of support and your kind words. I never expected people to respond well to my work, I apologize for not responding to all your messages, they are too many and I do not have an assistant, also I was too busy with work and life.

This project is supposed to be fun, if it produces something useful or solves a problem it will be worth it. I am going to start making other things not related to Supercell I hope you stay because it will get interesting. Some of you have asked me why @clashroyale does not follow me on Instagram anymore, I do not have an answer, but I noticed they unfollowed everyone overnight. I am ok with this.

FIERY – A game concept

Category : Videos Mar 30th, 2017

A concept of a game asset for the game Clash Royale. It is a high health, slow moving vehicle that carries a container of dangerous lava and converts it into a stream of hot plasma that can target up to five enemies (ground or air) at once, causing constant damage while moving forward. When it reaches a tower (or gets destroyed) it causes a dangerous lava spill that damages troops and buildings around it. This troop would be a tremendous addition to Clash Royale. (Yes, FIERY is larger in size that the Sparky) ©2017 SYNDEK

Inferno Tower render process

Category : 3D modeling, Videos Mar 9th, 2017

Here is the video that shows a part of the process of making a model of the Inferno Tower from the game Clash Royale, if you like this video please subscribe and tell your friends about it.

YouTube channel now available

Category : Announcements Mar 2nd, 2017

The new youtube channel is now available, subscribe here  and leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Tell your friends about the channel and share the link.

Thanks for your support!