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Zombie Hand

Date : May 11, 2021
Digital artwork made in Procreate for iPad.

I didn’t mean to draw a zombie hand at first, but I started with a flat hand, then added fingernails, suddenly I decided to turn it into a zombie hand (don’t know why, maybe for the challenge?) then I kept adding more and more details until it looked good enough. I had never drawn anything like this before but I am very pleased with the results.

Here’s the full size wallpaper for your mobile device. Instagram doesn’t allow high resolution image downloads, so I am posting it here if anyone wants it.


Mobile Wallpapers

Date : March 22, 2020

Some wallpapers I made a while back, someone requested them so here they are.

If you want to request a wallpaper, leave a comment below.


Drawing over a screenshot

Date : January 24, 2020

I was trying to draw a face on top of an image composite from a movie, I took several screenshots of the Argonath scene in “The Fellowship of the Ring” and made this composite image on Photoshop, you will not find this exact image in the movie because it doesn’t exist.

Composite image based on several screenshots

Then I created a color palette from the colors of the source image and copied the textures to make my drawing on a new layer. I had to observe lighting and dimensions to match the source image.

New layer with artwork

I moved the layer in the correct position and blended the edges, made minor color adjustments and added details as necessary.

Moved layer

Back to the drawing board

Date : January 17, 2020

I used to draw using color pencils when I was young and some of my old artwork resurfaced a few weeks ago. It made me wonder if I still have the skill to apply shape and color to a hand drawn project. So I chose the easiest thing to test my skills and made this:

3.6 Not great, not terrible. I forgot how relaxing it is to draw, maybe I should make more projects like these.


Old sketches

Date : January 22, 2019

These are just some sketches I did last month while waiting at the doctor’s office, nothing special but it is quite relaxing.