Creativity and Design

Let your ideas flow

Date : May 3, 2021

I was writing a short fictional story this morning and noticed I had difficulty choosing the names of the main characters. They names sounded made up (I mean they were, of course) and non-believable and then I wondered if this happened when Tom Clancy came up with the character “Jack Ryan” or when J.K. Rowling wrote the name “Ron Weasley” on a notebook.

I soon realized that every popular character probably started the same way with completely unfamiliar made up names that made no sense at first but soon became alive in the pages of their books.

We don’t choose the names of the people we meet, but we adapt to them quickly and associate their name with a face and their story.

My point is that it doesn’t matter if the names sound strange at first, the more the characters are developed, the more we know about them so their name gets meaning. It is important to overcome obstacles like these in the creative process, specially when we lack experience. Leave judgement aside and let your ideas flow, you’ll have time to review them later.



Date : April 28, 2021

Here’s an interesting old story:

A farmer and his son had a beloved stallion who helped the family earn a living. One day, the horse ran away and their neighbors exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck, right!?” The farmer replied:


A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild mares back to the farm as well. The neighbors shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several mares home with him. What great luck, right!?” The farmer replied:


Later that week, the farmer’s son was trying to tame one of the mares and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg. The villagers cried, “Your son broke his leg, what terrible luck, right!?” The farmer replied:


A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all the able-bodied boys to join the army. They saw the farmer’s son with his broken leg so they didn’t take him Friends shouted, “Your boy is spared, what tremendous luck, right?!” To which the farmer replied:


No event, in and of itself, can truly be judged as good or bad, lucky or unlucky, fortunate or unfortunate, but only time will tell the whole story. Additionally, no one really lives long enough to find out the ‘whole story,’ so it could be considered a great waste of time to judge minor inconveniences as misfortunes or to invest tons of energy into things that look outstanding on the surface, but may not pay off in the end.

The wise thing to do is to live life in moderation, find balance and keep your cool as much as possible, taking all things in stride, whether they originally appear to be ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

Rather than saying this is ‘good’ or this is ‘bad’ just say: “It will be interesting to see what happens.”



Technical Difficulties

Date : April 21, 2021
I am not that fat but I do like to fix things

A WordPress update messed up my mobile menu and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make it work. So while I come up with a solution there is no mobile menu.

UPDATE: I managed to insert a manually coded menu into the layout, it’s not perfect but it works.

You can also scroll at the bottom of every page to see the menu.


Creative Thinking

Date : April 19, 2021

Thinking requires strategy and lots of practice to be truly effective, if you practice thinking daily you might be surprised at the results. Our brain is a complex neural network that is constantly firing up signals and learning, it produces thousands of solutions per hour and these solutions lead to thoughts, ideas, decisions (good and bad) that result in real world actions.

How to think effectively

Think outside the box

Identify the parts of the problem and rearrange them in different ways, even if at first they don’t make much sense, this could lead to interesting outcomes. During this process, do not judge your ideas, let your mind do the talking.

Imagine solutions

Close your eyes and make an effort to visualize the problem and ways to solve it, rearrange ideas in your mind and identify the main pieces of the puzzle. If this proves difficult, grab pen and paper, start sketching ideas or write some notes.

Stay productive

One part of the creative process is productivity, staying productive keeps your mind busy and active. Productivity leads to better problem solving which leads to a healthy brain. Just make sure you don’t get stuck performing the same routine daily, throw your brain a few curve-balls or it will get bored.

Combine ideas and thoughts.

By now you should have enough ideas, sketches or notes of your own to recombine them into new solutions. Also try combining old ideas with fresh ones, this doesn’t always work but it can produce interesting results.

Think illogically

Although this may sound counterproductive, making connections between ideas and items that have nothing to with each other (even if the results make no sense at first) trains your brain to go beyond the limits of logic and reason. One example of this is sleep, when we are asleep our brain comes up with illogical ideas that do not make sense once we wake up, the brain does this naturally, which explains why sometimes our dreams are all over the place and we don’t notice immediately, yet our brain never runs out of material.

Fail and try again

The idea of thinking seems effortless but not everyone knows how to do it effectively, thinking takes effort and some people even get headaches from thinking too much, in reality our brains works like a muscle, the more you use it, the better it gets at doing its job. When you fail, move on, focus on your thought process, take note of your progress and enjoy the results.

Distract your mind

Taking time off from the problem can lead to good solutions. When our mind distracted, our brain sometimes works on the background. Go for a drive, watch an episode of your favorite show or simply sit outside doing nothing. Anything that you find relaxing will recharge your batteries. So don’t forget to give your brain a break between sessions and get back at it.

This is a general structure of my creative process, you have to find what works for you, the best location, the best time of the day and ideal situation. Find your own method and fine-tune it.


The incredible brain

Date : April 2, 2020

Yesterday I was trying to get into my AutoDesk account, I entered my username and I suddenly realized that I forgot the password, it was a strange feeling because it is a password that I use about once a week and I made weird faces, stared at the wall, closed my eyes, nothing worked. I went to sleep.

This morning I got up and the first thing that popped up in my head was… yes… my password … I know it perfectly now.

I am no brain expert and I have no idea how this happens but my theory is that one of my brain cells holds my password and last night when I needed it, that brain cell was chilling in the break room maybe flirting with the other brain cells, I don’t know. Anyway the brain is a mystery and it still surprises me from time to time.

More on this later.

P.S. I am not bald. (yet)