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Dell Inspiron 13 Review

Date : May 29, 2020

Note: I had removed this review thinking it might be outdated and irrelevant but I received so many e-mails requesting it back and it is my most read article to date with over 10,000 views. Ok, you win… it’s back.

This is a short review of a product I purchased recently, I am talking about the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Laptop. As of May 2020 you can still find it here on their website.

I love Dell. I will continue buying their laptops, I own 7 Dell computers myself and I still think they are the best Windows based computers currently in the market. I would build my own laptop if I could but until that is possible I am sticking with Dell.


On the first day of using Dell Inspiron 13 I was blown away by the quality of the screen and trust me, it has an AMAZING 4K display. After a week the problems started showing up and I liked it less and less. This laptop packs a 10th Gen intel i7 processor and it is very fast but it also gets extremely hot. I used an infrared thermometer and it registered 127° F on the bottom, making it impossible to put it on my lap. The hot air leaked to the keyboard area my hands started getting sweaty, the computer did not slow down, it gave me all the performance I needed but eventually it got too hot. I updated the BIOS and all the drivers as recommended by the manufacturer but didn’t fix the problem.

I can’t draw in this thing either, this laptop includes a properly placed pencil between the keyboard and screen, when drawing the DELL pencil feels like it bounces on the screen instead of gliding naturally, the feeling is quite synthetic with a click sound.

So if you need a laptop for internet browsing, making spreadsheets and sending a few e-mails this is the absolute best laptop you can get and the price is not bad, but if you try to design anything or even play a little bit of Minecraft, forget it.


  • Absolutely incredible 4K screen
  • Light as a feather
  • Very thin
  • Enjoyable keyboard
  • A whisper silent fan
  • Very fast computer
  • Finger recognition


  • Feels cheap, too much plastic.
  • Gets extremely hot when doing intensive processing (127°F)
  • Can’t open it with one hand like my other laptops.
  • Only USB-A port (USB-A is still the standard)
  • Feels like I am going to break it every time I fold into tablet

I still love you Dell but sadly your XPS line does not come in black.