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High Standards

Date : September 16, 2021

Sometimes I wish I could write incredible content, make amazing videos and finish the renders that are still waiting in my “Work in Progress” folder. Well I am not particularly good at writing, making great videos is too time consuming and maybe making renders is not a priority. Drawing relaxes me but making a finished piece can take several hours because I like to add detail and I look for a certain quality.

Setting the bar too high can lead to inaction

Setting high standards is not a bad thing, of course I want quality work in everything that I do but there is a balance that needs to be found between quality and quantity. Setting the bar too high can lead to inaction and paralyzing fear of failure.

So how do I find this balance?

Creativity requires the mind to be relaxed, when presented with a design problem the mind needs to have its sense of adventure to go places where normally it wouldn’t go. From chaos and disorder the mind can find harmony and balance.

In the creative process, setting high expectations can lead to disappointment, judging ideas too soon before they flourish can bring your brainstorm to a halt. The mind must flow freely with room to explore and produce viable ideas.

Another roadblock is the high standards of others. We live in a world where everything gets reviews, criticism by strangers can be a bit frightening, the solution is simply to ignore the noise and focus on the signal. Constructive criticism still exists but it is hard to find, focus on that.

So I’ll just grab my tools, enjoy the creative process and spit out ideas.