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VLC Remote for Stream Deck

Date : April 4, 2022

How to setup VLC Remote Plugin for Stream Deck

What is the VLC Remote Plugin?

This plugin allows you to control your media on VLC at any time without having to switching applications, it works even if the VLC window is minimized.

A quick guide on how to configure that pesky VLC Remote plugin for Stream Deck

This plugin doesn’t work instantly like many others, you have to enable the web interface in VLC Player in order for this plugin to be able to communicate with the controls. So here’s a quick tutorial:

First, you need to download the VLC Remote plugin from the Stream Deck Store.

Activating the remote interface in VLC

In VLC Media Player, go to Tools > Preferences

Bottom left corner select ‘All’ under ‘Show settings’

Scroll down and click on ‘Main Interfaces‘. Then on the right side panel check the ‘Web’ option

Click on the arrow on ‘Main Interfaces’ to display more options. Click on ‘Lua’ and set a password under the ‘Lua HTTP’ section on the right. Save your settings and restart VLC.

Configuring Stream Deck VLC Remote Control

Add your action buttons on Stream Deck by dragging them to your desired locations, then on the options at the bottom type the same password you set on the VLC player.

That’s it!