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I am learning to code

Date : November 6, 2017

UPDATE: The learning curve without an instructor near my area combined with having a busy life makes this goal almost impossible to achieve. I have abandoned this project entirely. So this post is no longer relevant.

A couple of days ago I posted a Twitter poll to get a sample of the type of phones people use. I have been wanting to write a useful app for years but always postponed it due to work and other calamities. Real life gets in the way sometimes.

To make apps for Android I need to learn Java and for iOS I need to learn Swift. For someone like me who hasn’t programmed anything in a long time it is going to be a long and difficult road. These languages are new to me and I am unfamiliar with the syntax.

The reason to write an app is simple, I have original ideas that I want to produce into usable apps and nobody is making them. So I am going to make them myself. I already started courses and so far so good but the more I get into it the harder it gets to retain all the concepts. Coding is hard and it requires many hours of tedious practice, but nonetheless I am having fun learning.

On April 2017, I posted a fake commercial for a game called Clash Racing and people to this day are still asking about the game. Just to clarify, Supercell had nothing to do with the commercial I made it as derivative fan art, however this idea has potential and plenty of people are excited about it, I already have sketches and game play mechanics, I know how to draw, design and conceptualize but I am missing the most important component, coding experience.

I am not saying I will make Clash Racing by myself, while not impossible it would take many years for one person to code a polished game like the one I have in mind but I have to start somewhere, I might give up, I might succeed but I am sure I want to try to make something. Inaction is the enemy.

So I am slowly climbing a mountain, I am learning to code.