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iPad Pro vs. iPad Air

Date : April 21, 2021

Jorge P. asks:

What do you use to make your drawings?

Short answer: I use an iPad Air

When the iPad Air (2020) was released I purchased both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air to compare them as a regular user would. I won’t make this long so here is my short review/answer.

The iPad Air

The good? Great screen, only one camera, basic features, works great with Apple Pencil (2nd gen) and beats the iPad Pro at single core applications. It doesn’t get as hot and it is very fast. You can use your fingerprint to unlock it meaning that even if you are not looking at it you can access your apps.

The bad? Sometimes apps crash, screen goes black, the loading icon is shown and kicks me to the home screen. Not a big deal, happens once a week but can get annoying. The battery life could be better while using video or applications like Procreate. I don’t care about how thin or lightweight it is, if it could have 5 extra hours of battery.

The iPad Pro

The good? Great screen, amazing refresh rate, multiple high-quality cameras and LIDAR which allows you to scan rooms and objects. It is blazing fast when working with multiple applications or video editing.

The bad? It gets hot, very hot, you cannot hold it without feeling uncomfortable by the amount of heat this thing produces. The only way to unlock the iPad Pro is with a password or Face ID which means you have to be exactly in front of the camera so it can scan your face. It also may have too many features that you are never going to use. The price may be a bit steep for some, it was for me.

I recommend getting the Apple Pencil, totally worth it.

The winner is…

*Opens envelope* …iPad Air! Ok, for what I use it for the iPad Air is just right. I returned the iPad Pro, too many bells and whistles. Both iPads performed great but like I mentioned before the iPad Pro gets very hot and iPad Air does everything I need for less price and with the same great performance.