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iPhone 13 with USB-C

Date : July 20, 2022

Apple phones are known for being behind Android phones a few years in technology developments and listening to what their customers want. This is not an Apple vs. Android debate. I call it as I see it. I am an Apple user but seriously Apple, you need to fire whoever is in charge of the design decisions.

Quick examples of terrible design decisions:

  • Removing the headphone jack from iPhones.
  • Removing all ports except USB-C from MacBooks.
  • Placing USB-C ports only on the left side of the MacBook Air.
  • Charging port under the wireless mouse (really?)
  • Apple Pencil exposed on the side of iPad Air.
  • Lightning ports on iPhones but USB-C on MacBooks.

Apple (as always) is dragging their feet at implementing new technology across the board in all its products, this time I am talking about USB-C on iPhones

Well this guy decided not to wait and figured out a simple way to add the necessary circuitry inside his iPhone 13 to make it work. The best part is that Apple can’t do a single thing to stop him or block the use of an authorized cable chip to made this modification work flawlessly. Louis¬†Rossmann would be proud.

Check out his video!

This is ingenuity at its finest, this guy swapped the lightning port with a USB-C port and he shows the process step by step.