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Two Steves

Category : General May 6th, 2019

I was recently watching a documentary about Steve and his accomplishments. It is incredible what he was able to pull off with such limited resources back in the 70’s with the help of his good friend Steve.

I am amazed at how one Steve would not have been enough to start Apple, the company that keeps leading the market in electronic products.

I am talking obviously about Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, but let’s call them in this post, Idea Steve and Drive Steve.

Based on all the information available we know that Idea Steve was solely focused on creating electronic products as a hobby and he was the brains of the production, without Idea Steve there is no product and no innovation. Idea Steve was not interested in money or fame, he simply wanted to discover new things and thinker with existing technology so he could come up with his own inventions. His focus in technology was his passion. He was a curious fellow. Still is.

Drive Steve did not write code or make electronics but he was seeking purpose, something to focus all his energy on and he found it in Idea Steve’s inventions. Drive Steve understood from the beginning that he needed Idea Steve to push a product to the public that was viable for sale, he knew that in order to continue making new things they needed money and money comes from sales. Drive Steve was very assertive and determined while his friend Idea Steve was agreeable and dedicated.

Neither of them knew what their combined power was going to become. Idea + Drive = Success.

If these two Steves wouldn’t have met it is safe to say that Idea Steve would probably be a retired engineer or inventor living on a pension and Drive Steve would probably be working a corporate job in a nice corner office. But it was the combination of their strengths that led to success.

The more I think about it the more I realize that we all have ideas and drive but we must find that which motivates us, we are all different and we get up in the morning for entirely different reasons, whether it is out of habit or because we feel motivated to continue building our future.

The important thing to take from this is that no matter what we do, we must never allow our ideas to die with us simply because we don’t feel like pursuing them.  The world is full of Steves and you have to decide what kind of Steve you are.