Creativity, Design and Fun

Things to know about me

I solve problems

I solve problems for a living. Problem solving is kind of my thing, runs in my family, my grandfather had it, my father has it and I have it too. I was diagnosed with Problemsolvitis (don’t look it up) at an early age. I am curious by nature and love to learn new things.

I am not a writer

If I was Superman, writing would be my like my Kryptonite. I don’t like writing because it is extremely difficult for me. But here I am, trying.

One day I will become an astronaut

I got my 15 minutes of fame

In 2016 I started a public project focused on creativity, productivity and self-development. At the time I was a bit demotivated by the lack of creative work in my area and I spent my available time repairing computers and building new ones. One day I decided to post some of my artwork online and I gained a few followers. Kinda cool.

A few followers

In 2017 one of my projects caught the attention of a big software company and they promoted some of my work. The even commissioned a piece and I worked with them. I got my 15 minutes of internet fame gained tens of thousands of followers in a single day and then for health reasons I was unable to post anything for a long while.

No wait, that’s too many!

In 2019 I had the privilege of working with clients from the US the UK and even one from Australia. Then 2020 happened:

In 2022 I have found time to read more, create more and learn more. Remember, no matter how old you are, you should remain curious and be willing to learn new things.

I’m a friendly dude

My services are open to everyone. Okay, almost everyone… I don’t work for non-profits, doctors, lawyers and politicians. My political affiliation is THE CREATIVE PARTY, anyone who likes creativity can join the party. (Party hat optional) 🥳

This image really ties the page together.

I have goals

Okay, my first goal is to have fun. Creativity does not flourish properly in a tense environment, so fun is essential. My second goal is to produce ideas that one day will inspire someone to start their own creative project and then that person can inspire someone else and so on and so forth. I enjoy humor and long walks on the treadmill. I also like pizza, tinkering with electronics and reading books. Third goal is to make some money. How am I going to buy pizzas, books and treadmills if I don’t have any money? So…

Pepperoni pizza is a part of my creative process.

I rarely post on Instagram and I still have my YouTube channel just in case I decide to post something funny or interesting in the future. Twitter

I have a lawyer

And she is quite talented, so please adhere to the following rules when using my work:

You MUST include a credit to the author

You are authorized to:

  • use my artwork for personal use
  • re-post my artwork on the internet
  • modify it to suit your needs

You are NOT authorized to:

  • use my artwork for commercial purposes
  • sell my artwork
  • claim it as your own

IMPORTANT: The work I post online may have been sold to third-parties and it is up to you to request permission from them to use it in any manner consistent with the law. They have lawyers too.

The information provided on this website represent the opinions of the author and does not constitute professional advice. By using this site, it means you accept the terms of use and it also means that you (and only you) take responsibility for your own actions, in other words use this site at your own risk.

Now get out there and create something!