Creativity and Design

Syndek is a project that focuses on creativity, productivity and self-development. In 2017, one of my projects grabbed the attention of the Supercell mobile game company and some of my artwork went viral.

This project is now in the public eye and I appreciate the kind messages and emails. Support my project by subscribing to my Instagram or by hiring me for your next project.

Feel free to share the artwork posted on this website but remember to include a credit to the author and a link back to my website.


You are authorized to:

  • use my artwork ONLY for personal use
  • post my artwork on the web (credit the author)
  • use it on social media (credit the author)

You are NOT allowed to:

  • sell my artwork
  • pass it as your own
  • remove watermarks
  • sell items with my artwork in them

If you violate these terms I will send my aggressive lawyer after you, and he LOVES MONEY, it is simple as that.

NOTE: Artwork based on the intellectual property of third parties has been done with their permission and within the legal limits specified in their terms and conditions.