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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work on with my project?
I am not taking on new projects at the moment.

How much do you charge per project?
Depends on the project.

Can you follow me on Instagram?
Send me your @ if I like it, I’ll follow.

Can you give me tips to get better at design?
Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up, be patient, focus on one small thing, master it then move on to the next thing and master it too, take your time, make adjustments until it becomes natural for you to do it.

Note: This is amalgamation of many similar questions

What do you use to make your drawings?
I use an iPad Air with an Apple Pencil and the app Procreate.

Did someone hack your Twitter account?
No, I closed my account and someone else took the username. Read more here

Why don’t you post anything anymore?
I’ve been very busy with work and rarely have time to upload new content.